Provence, France@1955

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  Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Elliott Erwitt is a photographer of a worldwide reputation based in New York. He was born in Paris in 1928 to Russian parents. During the World War II, his family moved to the United States where he later started to work as a professional photographer. At the age of 25, he became a member of Magnum Photos agency and has been recognized as one of the most significant photographers representing the agency's second generation.

As a photojournalist, he attended several historical moments and photographed a number of major figures of the 20th century such as John F. Kennedy, Che Guevara and Marilyn Monroe. His photos capture not only the journalistic aspect of events, but also the personality of the models in a very charming way. He also takes photos of children, couples, streets and museums etc. out of his curiosity toward every-day life of ordinary people. The photos convey melancholy and unique sense of humor embraced by heart-warming irony which highlight specific moments in a life as if they were some memorable scenes of a play. Those characteristics make the spectators attracted to his world for generations.

We exhibit about 60 original prints with his signatures under 4 themes: A Dramatic Moment, Our Little Neighbors, The World of Children and Witnesses of the Era. We hope you enjoy the visit.

Yoshitomo Kajikawa, Director of Kahitsukan - Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

  Works -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Empire State Building,New York City@1955
Empire State Building, USA@1955

colorado, USA@1955

Jacqueline Kennedy, Arlington, Virginia@1963

View of the 3rd floor

Marilyn Monroe, New York City@1956


The World of Elliott Erwitt

Yoshitomo Kajikawa

I had heard the name Elliott Erwitt from Robert Doisneau and Henri Cartier-Bresson a long time ago, but at that time, I didn't know what kind of photographs he was taking. It was in his book Personal Exposures, published in 1988, that I first viewed his works in a comprehensive way.

Erwitt states, "I am a professional photographer, and my hobby is being an amateur photographer." His interest is not limited to making an objective record of social events, but extends to day-to-day scenes of human life: lovers, families, beach scenes, streets, dogs, and museums, reflecting his warm, private viewpoint. Various elements are exquisitely incorporated into his photos. They speak to our hearts, tugging at our memories and telling rich stories.

His humorous, respectful spirit and his endless love for humanity-all these characteristics perceived in his photos sooth the souls of viewers. A man with endless curiosity and a knack for being in the right place at the right time...he is endowed with all these important qualifications for being a good photographer.

However, his boyhood days were not easy ones. Born into a family of immigrants, he moved several times within Europe, then to the United States to escape the damage of World War II. There, he finally found his own means of creative expression. He has sensitively gone through the changes of the times, with his uncanny power of human observation and his appealing, friendly manner. That's why he could fill his photography with so much love and humor; his profound love for humanity underlies his work.

It is a great honor and joy for us to invite Elliott Erwitt to KahitsukanEKyoto Museum of Contemporary Art. He is not only a great artist and photographer, but a wonderful person with great humanity. Perhaps we can receive important clues from his photos, which depict the "irreplaceable moments of life," on how to live life fully day by day.

Director, Kahitsukan - Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

View of the 5th floor, Tea-ceremony Room

Elliott Erwitt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Elliott Erwitt at Kahitsukan, 2008

Chronology -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Born on July 26, in Paris to Russian parents
Immigrates to New York.
Studies photography at Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, USA
Begins working as a professional photographer
Wins the Life magazine photo contest for new photographers
Becomes a member of the Magnum Photos agency by the recommendation of Robert Capa
gThe Family of Man,h Museum of Modern Art, New York
Served as Magnumfs president
Produces several documentaries
"The Rise of an American Architecture," Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
"Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie", Arles
"Photography of the Fifties," International Center of Photography, New York
Publishes Personal Exposures, W.W. Norton, New York, London
"Between the Sexes," touring exhibition to USA, Germany, France and Belgium
Publishes Dog Dogs, Phaidon, London
gA profound Love for Humanity,h Kahitsukan - Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto
Awarded Lifetime achievement award by International Center of Photography, New York
gDrama between a blink and the eternity,h Kahitsukan - Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto
gThe World of Elliott Erwitt,h Kahitsukan - Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto

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Sunday April 1 2018 | Sunday June 24 2018

10:00 a.m. | 6:00 p.m. (admission till 5:30 p.m.)

Closed Mondays (Open on April 30)

Venue:@Kahitsukan - Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

Location:@271, Kitagawa, Gion, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0073 JAPAN

Admissions:@General JPY 1,000 ^@Students JPY 800

Exhibition Catalogue: g Elliott Erwitt g, JPY 3,200

Museumfs Collection of Kitaoji Rosanjin on view in the basement

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Exhibition Catalogue@g Elliott Erwitt g, JPY 3,200

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