Collection Room

kagaku murakami
Kagaku Murakami Room

Kagaku Murakami(1888-1939) is one of the most representive of modern Japanese-style painters. His painted lines harbor a miraculous beauty and display utterly unique feelings and unbounded spirituality.
Kaoru Yamaguchi Room

Kaoru Yamaguchi(1907-1968) is an oil painter often referred to as "an artist with a poet's soul" because of the richily poetic nature of his works.A fascinating sense of colors and a unique feeling for forms have strongly characterized Yamaguchi's works.
kaoru yamaguchi
Rosanjin Kitaoji Room

Rosanjin Kitaoji(1883-1959) produced a variety of highly individualistic works in almost all fields of art and craft, including pottery, calligraphy, painting and seal-engraving. Completely free in conception and execution, each and every one of his works is quite unique and no one but Rosanjin would have been able to create it.

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