Past Exhibition

Beauty of Japan


Bowl with camellia design  1938

2019. 3, November (sun) − 2020. 19, January (sun)
Opening Hours 10:00 a.m. − 6:00 p.m. ( Last Entry 5:30 p.m. )
Closed Mondays ( 11/4, 1/13, Open )

Winter Holiday Closed 12/28 - 1/4
Admission Fee General JPY 1,000  Students JPY 800
Anniversary Issue “ Beauty of Japan Rosanjin Kitaoji“, JPY 3,500

  Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the death of Rosanjin Kitaoji.
Rosanjin Kitaoji ( 1883-1959 ) born in Kyoto to a shrine in Kami-gamo, produced a variety of highly individualistic works in almost all fields of art and craft, including pottery, calligraphy, painting and seal-engraving.
From his will to master the art of food, he established membership system restaurants which were enjoyed by famous politicians, academists and business people nationwide.
The beauty of the kiln which he made for individual use was not only highly regarded in Japan but worldwide.
In this exhibition, around 100 artworks categorized into five themes will be displayed :
Pottery, Calligraphy, Tea, Flower, and Food.

Yoshitomo Kajikawa, Director of Kahitsukan - Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

  Works ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Oribe flower basket 1951

Bpwl with design of fish 1935

Bowl with clouds and maples design 1938

View of the 1st floor



Calligraphy 1953

Folding screen, Poem of Su Dongpo 1914

Fan-shaped calligraphy "Gen-en" 1955

View of the 2nd floor



Shoe-shaped bowl, black Oribe 1952

Fan-shaped bowl 1939

Teabowl, Ki-seto 1950

Shino ewer 1957



Bizen flower vase 1958

Oribe flower vase 1949

Bizen handled bowl 1958

Wooden board 1940     Bizen Big pot 1952



Leaf-shaped dish 1953

Momoyama type bowl 1944

Square dish in overglaze silver 1957

View of the Kahitsukan tea room

View of the 5th floor

  Rosanjin Kitaoji -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rosanjin Kitaoji, at Kamakura 1953

With Picaso, Valoris, Southern France 1954

At Ryokan"Tamaya" 1959

  Biography ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------











Born on March 23 in the village of Kamigamo to the north of Kyoto.

Calligraphy division of the prestigious Nitten Art Exhibition, and wins first prize

At the kiln of the potter Seika Suda, Rosanjin first become involved in pottery making.

Hoshigaoka-Saryo Restaurant in the precincts of Hie Shrine, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

Opens a ceramics shop called Kado Kado Bibo in Ginza, Tokyo.

Isamu Noguchi and his wife move in next door to Rosanjin in Yamazaki, and set up a studio there.

From late April to early May, an exhibition is held at the Museum of Modern Art, New york.

In May calls on Picasso and Chagall in Vallauris, France.

Invited to accept the designation Living National Treasure for his mastery of Oribe ware, but declines.

Dies on December 21.

  Exhibition Information----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Beauty of Japan
Rosanjin Kitaoji

2019. 3, Nobember (sun) − 2020. 19, January (sun)

Opening Hours 10:00 a.m. − 6:00 p.m. (Last Entryl 5:30 p.m.)

Closed Mondays (11/4, 1/13, Open)

Winter holiday 12/28 - 1/4

Venue Kahitsukan - Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

Location 271, Kitagawa, Gion, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0073 JAPAN

  Admissions General JPY 1,000 / Students JPY 800

Anniversary Issue  “Beauty of Japan Rosanjin Kitaoji“, JPY 3,500

  Museum Goods ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anniversary Issue  “Beauty of Japan Rosanjin Kitaoji“, JPY 3,500

Anniversary Issue  “Letter for Rosanjin Kitaoji by Yoshitomo Kajikawa“, JPY 3,300



 Postcard A・B・C ( 8 piece )  JPY 1,000


「Rosanjin in four seasons,
Yoshitomo Kajikawa」 JPY 4,180

「 Gabi-seikatsu Rosanjin Kitaoji」 JPY 3,500