oil on canvas
97.0x130.3cm 2001

watercolor on paper
34.6x54.0cm 2000

When I begin a painting, I can neither grasp it
in my mind nor describe it in words.
What I do is to take a certain impulse or sensation
that arises within me, and commit it as it is to the canvas.
Only in the course of this process do I first come face-to-face
with what it is I wanted to depict,
and I paint with bated breath
as to what will ultimately appear.

-Ueno Norio-

oil on canvas
100.0x80.3cm 2004

We hold the exhibition "Ueno Norio: Passing of Time."

Ueno Norio is well-known as an abstract artist who is quite unique in blue of his pictures in the world of fine art.

In his early twenties, Nambata Tatsuoki's appreciation for his painting at the "Free Art" exhibition catapulted him into the lime light. Afterward, he established high reputation by exhibiting the artworks at "7th International Biennale Exhibition of Modern Art"(Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum), "Direction of Modern Art "(The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto) and so on.

One can sense a world with full of poetic sentiment from his works a brimming joy and sorrow, anxiety and hope, a testimony to being alive were engraved in.

For this exhibition, Ueno Norio created almost 200 works over a five-year period from 2000. Not only in his oil paintings, but also in his watercolors, objet d'art and photographs we can discover the world of his unique sensitivity. We exhibit almost 100 works well-selected from them for this occasion.

Kajikawa Yoshitomo
Director, Kahitsukan-Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

watercolor on paper
18.2x25.5cm 2001


1932 Born in Teshio, Hokkaido
1952 Moves to Tokyo
1963 "7th International Biennale Exhibition of Modern Art", Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo)
1979 Awarded Prize for Excellence in "Hokkaido Contemporary Art Exhibition", Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art (Sapporo)
1983 Makes a monument at Minami-ku Gymnasium (Sapporo)
1984 Moves to Nasu, Tochigi
1988 Makes a monument at Chitose City Public Library
1998 Issues "UENO" from Yobisha
2005 Exhibition at Kahitsukan-Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art
Issues the commemorative publication "Ueno Norio"from Kahitsukan


Commemorative Publication

Ueno Norio 2000-2005 2600yen

Autograph Session
: from 14:00 July 16th (Sat)

at Kahitsukan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

oil on canvas
97.0 x 130.3 cm 2001

Atelier - Nasu 2004


Poems by Ueno Norio
Opening article"The Northern Mindset"
by Kajikawa Yoshitomo

73 pieces well-selected from
his new oil paintings and watercolors
with numerous color plate

objet, photographs, portraits, biography etc...

104 pages, 290 x 225mm
Director: Kajikawa Yoshitomo
Publication: Kahitsukan-Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

Price : 2600yen

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