Prince Siddhartha Meditating under a Tree 1938



 Kagaku Murakami (1888-1939) was one of the most famous modern Japanese-style painters from the early 20th Century. His painted lines harbor a miraculous beauty and display utterly unique feelings and unbounded spirituality. His words, “An act of creation is tantamount to offering a prayer in solitary confinement”, allow us to take a peek, with a strong sense of awe, at the abysmal and ruthless depths to which the practice of art can sometimes lead. Prince Siddhartha Meditating under a Tree, depicting young Buddha practice Zen meditation under a bo tree, is one of the noblest and most beautiful paintings among Kagaku’s numerous Buddhist works.

Director, Yoshitomo Kajikawa   


Kahitsukan Courtyard and Kagaku Murakami painting

Cold Mountains and Withered Trees 1938

Crescent Moon over Rugged Mountains 1936

Rugged Peak and Pine Tree 1939

A Browsing Cow 1929

Shuni Kouro 1935

Fudou Kouma 1938

1888 Born on July 3 in Osaka.
1895 Enters Kobe Primary School. Becomes a dependent of the Murakami Family.
1907 Graduates from Kyoto City School of Arts and Crafts.
1909 Enters Kyoto City Art College.
1916 Moves Entokuin at Kodaiji temple, Kyoto.
1918 Founded Kokuga Sosaku Kyokai(Kokuten, Society for Creation of National Painting).
1919 Exhibits Kiyohime Crossing the Hidaka River in Kokuten.
1923 Leaves Kyoto and moves to Ashiya, Hyogo.
1925 Makes a sketch of Rabindranath Tagore.
1927 Returns to Hanakuma, Kobe. Estranged from the art world.
1938 Makes Prince Siddhartha Meditating under a Tree
1939 Dies on November 11


『The 30th Anniversary Exhibition KAGAKU MURAKAMI 』

Dates: 2012/4/28 (Sat) 〜 6/10 (Sun) ※Closed on Mondys

Hours: 10:00〜18:00 (Entries until 17:30)

Address: Kahitsukan・Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

271 Kitagawa, Gion-Machi, Higashiyama, Kyoto 

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Admission: Adult 1,000 yen / Student 800 yen

Exhibition Catalogue: 「Kagaku Murakami」 by Kajikawa Yoshiyomo  3,000 yen

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